The Award Wall

Do Printing Awards Matter?

Colour Innovations has been entering printing competitions and winning awards for many years. These peer-juried annual awards recognize the best printing both nationally and internationally. We are proud of the award-winning work we produce on behalf of our clients and we share their satisfaction in knowing that the work we do for them is among the best anywhere.

But do awards really matter?

Yes, they do.

They matter because:

  • They showcase the best and most innovative work and keep industry standards high.
  • They provide a great opportunity to interact with your clients, create goodwill and increase confidence and trust.
  • They impact positively on your own organization — every one likes to be associated with a winner.
  • They enhance your relationships with suppliers who played a part in the winning production.
  • They give you a positive story to tell when marketing similar products to new prospects and other clients.