Canadian Printer Throws Out a Challenge

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Toronto Printer Colour Innovations talk to Coast Paper.

Colour Innovations has made its name and reputation by listening to its customers and providing them with innovative, leading-edge solutions to their printing challenges. We put our money where their mouths are and make significant investments in R&D so that they are at the forefront of the latest technologies, processes and techniques and are in a position to deliver them to our customers at optimum levels of quality and performance.

Their President Matthew Alexander continues for example, many printers shy away from using FM (stochastic) screening because they’ve had trouble making it work. In most cases, they haven’t spent the time as we have in doing extensive testing and profiling of specific inks, papers and presses. We use FM screening on over 90% of our projects which results in a 450-500 line screen equivalent, a 1000-line screen equivalent on postage stamps. The sharper, smoother, richer images that result make our customers very happy and make a contribution to their success.

Likewise, being among the first to get a MetalFX license was just the beginning. Again, we had to invest the time and expertise of our best prepress and print craftsmen and do the testing of inks and papers and presses that would give us the confidence to offer MFX to our customers with a guarantee that they’d be pleased with the results. MFX creates so many more metallic possibilities for the price of a 5-colour job – the 4 process colors plus a special silver ink. For car and jewelry applications, it’s a natural and designers love it for the opportunity it provides them to explore a whole new metallic ink world with minimal impact on their clients’ budgets.

And we’ve invested the same time and energy into perfecting other specialized printing techniques including non-paper substrates, heat transfers, and various printable security features for products such as limited edition art prints.

The message is clear. Any printer today who wants to do breakthrough work for their customers needs to factor meaningful R&D money into his next budget and every budget after that. At Colour Innovations, we will continue to invest in R&D and introduce two or three new print technologies each year thereby enhancing our products and their value to our customers.

Colour Innovations initiated this comment to Coast Paper after viewing our last edition of Stock magazine.

Colour Innovations Award winning work on EuroArt.


Oct/Nov 2005

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