Photosensitive: AIDS Awareness

Colour Innovations is a proud supporter of PhotoSensitive in the battle against cancer

Cancer Connections: A photographic legacy

Presented by PhotoSensitive in partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society, the first phase of this national traveling exhibition launched with 300 images in Toronto in May, 2008. It then travelled around the country growing as images were added from the different regions, culminating in a 1,000-image exhibition in Ottawa.

This brochure was printed by Colour Innovations to accompany the exhibition.

About PhotoSensitive

PhotoSensitive is a non-profit collective of Canada’s top photographers determined to explore how their art can contribute to social justice. The photographers use the camera’s ability to tell a story, make social comment, and spur viewers to action. They believe that still photographs, especially in black and white, can move people in a unique way, forcing viewers to concentrate on the substance of the image rather than the photograph. All photographers who contribute to PhotoSensitive projects are volunteers. Past projects have included child poverty, Aboriginal child literacy, HIV/AIDS, and urgent environmental issues. For more information