Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Colour Innovations is committed to protecting our shared environment in which we live and work. As a high quality, socially responsible, full-service printing company, we will develop and maintain an ISO14001:2004-based environmental management system (EMS) to achieve both business sustainability and our environmental goals by:

  1. Providing the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets
  2. Ensuring that the environmental aspects and impacts of our activities, products, and services are identified, minimized and part of an ongoing review process
  3. Investing the necessary resources as part of our commitment to the prevention of pollution by emphasizing source reduction, material reuse, and recycling
  4. Committing to continually improve our environmental performance and the pursuit of a safe and healthy working environment
  5. Establishing programs and procedures to identify and maintain compliance with all applicable laws and regulations including the requirements of organizations to which we may subscribe or the special needs of our clients
  6. Communicating to, and training our employees in sound environmental, health, and safety practices and by encouraging employee participation in our Joint Health & Safety Committee and Green Team
  7. Eliminating or minimizing the creation of waste, especially hazardous waste
    Reducing and, where possible, eliminating the environmental risk to both our natural environment and the community in which we operate
  8. Ensuring that this policy is available for public review and by sharing information on our sustainability and environmental performance with stakeholders on our web site environmental portal as an educational service


Carlo D’Onofrio
Colour Innovations Inc

Date: April 10th, 2009