It Always Begins With What You Think

We have changed.

Certified paper from well-managed, sustainable forests and vegetable-based inks are all well and good but it’s not enough, not nearly enough.

Being green is much more than that.

Probably the most significant indicator of true green-ness is what printers do with the chemicals they use in the manufacturing process. Do they simply put them down the drain? Do they have them trucked away? Or do they recycle and re-use them to the extent that the latest technology permits? Being green is also an attitude which has to become an integral part of a company’s culture. Colour Innovations prides itself on having a vigorous environmental policy and dedicated staff who are committed to being green.

We walk the talk.

Back in 1997, before environmental responsibility was as high-profile as it is today, Colour Innovations was the first printer in Ontario to be EcoLogo CCD-041 TerraChoice-certified by the federal government. EcoLogo certification means that we have analyzed the process by which jobs move through our plant, have assessed the resulting environmental impact, and have taken steps to reduce our effluent by 90%.

Moving to a complete CTP (computer-to-plate) operation some years ago has eliminated virtually all film and the attendant chemicals from our prepress process.

Both our presses are alcohol-free and run on environmentally friendly alcohol substitute and etch in a closed-loop recycling system that eliminates the need to discard the entire fountain solution every week.

The addition of our Indigo digital printer makes the production of top quality, smaller-run jobs virtually chemical-free.

Our blanket wash fluid is recycled by us on-site through a Uniram distillation processor. We are able to re-use approximately 75% of the wash and any remaining sludge is picked up by our recycling service.

Virtually nothing harmful goes down the drain.

We are also participants in the Toronto Region Sustainability Program (TRSP) and commissioned a Pollution Prevention (P2) assessment of our plant to identify waste streams, isolate pollutants, and recommend solutions to reduce these contaminants at the source. This assessment also covered Colour Innovations’ compliance status and assisted with meeting the requirements of applicable municipal, provincial, and federal regulations including the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), the municipal waste sewer bylaw, hazardous waste regulations, and provincial air emissions reporting.

Doing our small part.

Through all these measures and consistent, long-term awareness of the role we all must play in preserving our environment, Colour Innovations is able to ensure its customers that virtually 100% of our prepress and printing process is environmentally friendly and that we are doing our small part to keep Canada green and healthy.

Acknowledged by our peers.

Colour Innovations’ ongoing commitment to the environment has been acknowledged by our peers – we have twice been named by the EPA the Most Environmentally Progressive Printer in Canada in our size category.

You can change.

And we can help you do it.

As your print partner, we will work with you to make your company’s print procurement process environmentally responsible and eco-friendly. We will advise you on paper and ink choices and guarantee your customers and other stakeholders through an independent third-party audit process that you support environmental best practices in your printing decisions.