VOC Reduction

Many solvents, alcohols and inks used in the printing industry emit a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) vapour into the atmosphere. The emissions can be direct through stacks and vents, or fugitive.

Colour Innovations specifically targeted the reduction of Volatile Organic Compound emissions at the turn of the new century. Since the year 2000, we have conducted a major assessment to identify all sources of VOC emissions and we have progressively implemented action plans and technology to eliminate or reduce VOCs at the source. As a result, our VOC emissions have been reduced by over 75% since 2000.

VOCs are photo-reactive; they combine with nitrous oxide emissions and particulate from cars and industry and when synthesized by ultra violet rays in sunlight, produce low-level ozone. That is why “smog”, as a dirty yellow pollutant, is most noticeable in summer. It is a serious health concern, the measurement and reduction of which is being legislated under various regulations.

Colour Innovations is proud to have already exceeded the requirements of this standard by our own initiatives.