For most projects we produce FM (stochastic) screening to 20-microns (approximately equivalent to a 480-line screen) but we also produce traditional AM screening from 25-300 lines when required.

Our Creo proofing system is state-of-the-art and provides exceptionally accurate contract proofs for client sign-off. We also offer digital asset management solutions.

Digital Photography

Colour Innovations has a complete digital photography studio and produces product shots and other photography for catalogues and brochures. Directly connected to the prepress department, an expedited production cycle is assured.

3D Rendering

3D rendering is the process of producing an image based on three-dimensional data stored within a computer.

It is a creative process not unlike photography or cinematography because you are lighting and staging scenes and producing images. Unlike regular photography, however, the scenes are imaginary and everything appearing in a 3D rendering must be created in a computer before it can be rendered.

This technique is capable of handling virtually any subject matter but is especially good for creating furniture and automotive images.

What else can we do for you digitally?

Digital Asset Management

Centrally archives all your logos, images and printed files and guarantees 100% integrity

  • Multiple level security
  • Archiving and organization of:
    • logos, corporate and brand images
    • final okayed files from ads and print projects
    • PDFs from ads and print projects
  • 100% web-enabled
  • Unlimited customized search criteria by name, brand unique identifier
  • Log generated for tracking and usage
  • Multifunctional connectivity:
    • viewable
    • ability to view and/or download hi-res images and logos
    • request delivery of hi-res images and logos
    • ability to view and/or download lo-res images and logos
    • ability to download PDFs of ads and print projects
    • ability to download all elements used in ads and print projects
Digital Ad / File Delivery

A digital transfer system that streamlines distribution and allows you to quickly and easily make last minute changes

Digital Ad Delivery

  • Final files and proofs created using R.O.O.M. technology (Rip Once Output Many) thus guaranteeing the integrity of the files and proofs supplied to customer and publications
  • Conforms to recognized industry digital magazine standards and formats, including Postscript, DCS2. PDF, TIFF/IT P1
  • Ability to digitally deliver or post files for pick-up
  • Automatic e-mail notification upon successful upload, download of files
  • Generation of log for tracking purposes

Digital File Delivery

  • Use of Mass Transit for file delivery increases functionality and ease of use
    Adaptable to existing FTP sites
Soft Proofing

Permits remote collaboration on all stages of projects over the Internet

  • Web-enabled
  • Improves efficiency and reduces approval time
  • Multilevel privileges for invited users
  • Unlimited number of viewers simultaneously or at different times
  • Realtime annotations viewable by all invited guests
  • Invitation via e-mail
  • Viewable via Mac, PC, Internet Explorer®, Netscape Navigator®
  • Supports multiple file formats including TIFF, JPEG, PDF, EPS
  • Supports files generated by R.O.O.M. technology ensuring the integrity of viewed and approved files with the final print projects

Prepress Equipment


  • 3000 Series HELL Scanner
  • Chromaset
  • Full Scanning prep department
    • Maximum input 19.5″ x 24.5″
    • Maximum output 28″ x 42″
    • Linotype Flatbed 8″ x 10″
  • Highest End Drum Scanner
    • 1086 Pixels per square millimeter compared to most scanners that provide 256 pixels per square millimeter of information
  • Benefits – initial higher resolution means pics can be blown up without loss of resolution
    • Anything over 300% enlargements, one can see a marked difference in sharpness and smoothness

Digital Photo Studio

Fuji and Nikon cameras connected to network and servers


Windows NT 30 Macs various models G3’s/G4’s


  • 3 PC server with Raids and Backup
  • 4 PC with Digital Workflow System
  • 2 PC Backup Severs
  • 460 GB Raid System with archiving and “Asset Management”

Digital Media Asset Management Services

Wireless High Speed Internet with firewall

FTP Server

Internet-accessible Image Data base & web server

Digital Proofing

Creo Spectrum digital dot proofing system. Reproducing same stochastic (FM) and analog dots as exposed on printing plates. Most accurate digital proofing system available for CTP applications.

Fuji Pictro Proof high speed dye transfer colour proofer matches a Fuji Final film proof to within 2%

Uses Fuji films color matching technology to ensure that the colours will match the actual printed sheet ideal for CTP applications or where film proof not desired as final proof

  • 1 Postscript laserprinter max size: 11″ x 17″
  • 2 Postscript laserprinter max size: 12″ x 19″
  • 1 Epson 5000 with Fiery rip max size: 13″ x 19″
  • 1 CLC 500 Canon colorcopier with Colorpass 2000+ max size: 11″ x 17″
  • 1 Epson 9000 max size: 36″ x 50′
  • 1 Agfa Sherpa Digital Imposition Proofer 36″ x 50′
  • 1 HP 2 sided Digital Imposition Proofer

Stripping Facilities

Ternes pin register punching system

Stripping tables

Colour Retouching

Windows NT with Wright Technologies Professional Design

  • Full High-end Retouching: Creative retouching on products, adding shadows, combining multiple images to create realistic looking situations. Full colour correction and colour matching.


Fuji Luxel F – 9000

  • Maximum image size 44″ x 36″
  • 8 page fully automatic film outputting device features include a multiple laser with an internal drum configuration to maximize and deliver speed, image quality and registration accuracy capable of outputting 29 – 8 page flats per hour
  • Increases Colour Innovations film outputting capacity by 60%
  • Final film is punched and completely plate ready


CD Burners, SCSI Drives, Zips, Jaz, and all industry standard peripherals

DLT + AIT Tape Backup Systems

Complete Data Management and Archiving capabilities

All industry standard software including imposition

Fireproof safe for archive media

Pageflow Digital Workflow System

Sophisticated PostScript compatible, high capacity and throughput page processing system

Powerful and flexible process that streamlines and economizes Colour Innovations entire workflow system

Allows for auto trapping, proofing, imposition, screening and final film output of single pages or imposed flats, all from a single RIP

Centralized RIP, incapsulates the page components into a composite file, eliminating reflow problems

Once file is ripped it does not have to be re-ripped for each output device, e.g. digital proofing, final film output.

Pageflow system for imposition, creates a pre-ripped per page file. Pre-ripped are files place into a printer imposition. Only pages affected by a revision need to be updated with changes and re-ripped. Flexibility of process allows for editing to be done on a page per page basis rather than an entire imposition, saving time and money.

Pageflow Digital Workflow System

Two Burgess exposing units, fully automated

Fuji Colour Art systems, laminator and processor, capable of producing positive and negative keys and colour art proofs, maximum size 25″ x 38″

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