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Inaugural Issue Launch Event


RE:flex is a unique large-format publication utilizing Colour Innovations’ CIX MetalFX print technology to showcase the work of world-class artists, designers, and photographers.


On a technical level, a reflex is a response to a stimulus, in this case an immediate reaction to the integration of paper, ink, technology and creativity in a work of art. On a personal level, RE:flex is a vehicle to recognize, promote, and honour great artistry. It’s an excuse, although none is needed, to bring the artistic and corporate communities together for celebration and education in equal measure.


This inaugural issue of RE:flex highlights the digital collages of renowned designer, artist and illustrator Louis Fishauf. Mr. Fishauf has won more than 60 Gold and Silver ADCC (Advertising & Design Club of Canada) Awards, Gold and Silver National Magazine Awards, and the ADCC Les Usherwood Award. He was co-founder and Creative Director of Reactor Art & Design; served as Editorial Art Director forChatelaine, City Woman, The City, Saturday Night and Toronto Life magazines; was the Senior Design Consultant for Sympatico Internet Service; and is an Apple Computer® Applemaster. He currently serves as a Sessional Instructor at OCAD University.

Over the past few years Mr. Fishauf has been creating digital collages using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and as an early adopter and enthusiastic proponent of digital imaging, his work is an ideal medium for the application of CIX MetalFX technology. The CIX MetalFX process uses Photoshop channels and proprietary software to combine a gold, silver or bronze base with the 4-colour CMYK process to create literally thousands of metallic shades and hues from only 5 colours. The possibilities for designers are unlimited.

Still photo from Louis Fishauf documentary directed by Leib Kopman

RE:flex Artist’s Statement

When I started working on these collages over a decade ago, my intention was not to have them printed or see them hanging on a gallery wall. They weren’t meant to illustrate any specific idea or storyline, but were inspired by the juxtaposition of often disparate visual elements – found images, photos, clip art, patterns, textures, typography and graphic icons – that I have collected over the years.

These collages are the by-product of my creative playtime, a sort of personal art therapy and a counterbalance to my day job as a graphic designer and art director. I love my work designing magazines, corporate logos, ad campaigns and websites, and I enjoy working with clients and suppliers. But in the wee hours of the morning, when the phone has stopped ringing and the house is quiet, I can fire up Photoshop and Illustrator on my iMac and just have fun, without thinking about budgets, deadlines or client approvals.

In 2013, I finally decided to gather a few of these personal works together into an online portfolio, using the interactive publishing platform My intention was simply to get these images off my hard drive and expose them to the outside world.

An unexpected result of publishing this portfolio was that I was approached by Matthew Alexander, president of Colour Innovations, a printer that I had worked with previously on the “Year of the Monkey” stamp project for Canada Post. Matthew was looking for a vehicle to promote CI’s proprietary CIX printing technology, which can produce an infinite number of metallic shades and hues from only five inks. He asked if I would be interested in applying this process to some of my collage pieces, an invitation I readily accepted.

I took the opportunity to not only experiment with “retrofitting” my existing pieces, but also to create a number of new collages and the facing pattern pages, with the metallic ink process specifically in mind. This required developing a workflow in Adobe Photoshop which attempted to approximate on my computer monitor how the metallic colours would appear in print. After several stages of digital proofs, we proofed all the artwork on press, using three different silver inks. After evaluating the results of the press proofing, further adjustments to the digital files were made. The entire process, from my first conversations with Matthew to the final printing, took about a year.

RE:flex (a bit of wordplay on “reflects” as well as a reference to “flexibility”) is currently envisioned as an annual publication to be produced by Colour Innovations. Each issue will showcase the work of an artist, designer or photographer. This first issue, a portfolio of my digital collages, is a beautifully produced large-format 24-page publication printed on Sappi HanoArt gloss cover and text, courtesy of Ariva, with Metalstar® Pantone® premium silver ink, courtesy of Eckart Effect Pigments. Future issues will assume a size and format appropriate to their content.

I’m very pleased with the final result, and want to thank Matthew and all the people at Colour Innovations for their great efforts in helping me turn these personal works into a printed piece that will be seen and (hopefully) enjoyed by a much wider audience.

Louis Fishauf

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