The Making of Ink World’s MetalFX Cover

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By David Savastano


You must have noticed Ink World’s front cover for our U.S. Top 20 report issue. For this issue, we wanted to create a special image, as our April issue will be showcased at major events such as the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM) Annual Convention, the European Coatings Show, the Asia-Pacific Coatings Show and the Color Pigments Manufacturers Association’s (CPMA) International Color Pigments Conference.

With and eye toward those sows, Ink World worked with Colour Innovations, an award-winning high-end sheeetfed printer based in Toronto, Canada, which designed this cover utilizing MetalFX (MFX) technology. Colour Innovations’ creative team designed the cover.

Matthew Alexander, Colour Innovation’s president, said it is essential for printers to understand MFX.

“Understanding how MetalFX works from the point of view of the ink, software and prepress is key, and you have to engineer the individual projects,” Mr. Alexander said. “It’s not the press that does the good work, it’s our people and their skills as craftsmen.”

Once the cover was designed and approved, Colour Innovations printed the cover using FM (stochastic) screening on its six-xolor Mitsubishi 40” sheetfed press. The paper is Euroart Gloss 90# text, manufactured by M-Real. In order to maximize the impact of the graphics, Colour Innovations uses Eckart America’s TopStar silver as the base ink and Hostmann-Steinberg’s special MFX Process Inks. Once it was completed, Colour Innovations used a Kelstar 4016 UV coating.

The result is a cover that is eye-catching, to say the least. “This cover is a perfect example of what can be accomplished by combining our premium TopStar silver with the MFX process,” said Joseph Perdue, product manager, graphic arts for Eckart America.

It’s quite amazing what you can do with process inks and silver,” said Winfried Gleue, Hostmann-Stenberg’s president and CEO. “It is really important to match up the process inks with MetalFX. We’ve designed this line of inks especially for that, and have a special team to work with customers.”

Mr. Alexander emphasizes that quality provides value.

“You can always buy anything cheaper, but there is a value proposition,” Mr. Alexander said. “The same applies to printing. I always thought that quality sells, and our customers tell us their advertisers notice the difference.”

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