Colour Innovations Earns BRC Global Standard (BRCGS) Certification for Packaging Materials 

The company’s 45,000-square-foot facility with seventy-five employees. We produce innovative packaging materials for the most trusted food manufacturers in Canada

Toronto, January 11, 2022 — For more than thirty-five years, Colour Innovations Inc. has been a pioneer in the packaging industry, introducing some of the top sustainable packaging and design innovations to food manufacturers in Canada. To continue progressing their offerings and work towards their ESG goals, the company has now secured the BRCGS Certification for Packaging Materials Issue 6, recognizing their rigorous safety and quality standards throughout the production process on a global scale. 

Colour Innovations underwent an extensive 16-month audit to achieve this certificate, which specifically covers converting paperboard sheets to carton boxes intended for direct and indirect contact with food and all the affiliated elements of the production process, from the point at which an order is received to when it is completed. All steps were reviewed and adjusted accordingly to ensure complete accountability and transparency. Evaluation included everything from the chemicals used for cleaning to guaranteeing that only food grade lubricants are used in manufacturing. 

Carlo D’Onofrio, President of Colour Innovations, sees the certification as a pivotal endorsement of the quality and integrity of the incredible team at Colour Innovations. 

“We have some of the best talent in the industry and together we’ve created a company where people can make their mark and share their passion, offering an antidote to the more mundane and traditional packaging manufacturers out there,” explained D’Onofrio. “We’re all about perfecting first impressions and the BRGCS certificate does just that, demonstrating our team’s commitment to continually improving our services and products that will now be benchmarked against global standards.”

About BRCGS 

“At BRCGS, we champion the highest quality. Improving trust in supply chains, through rigorous application of our Standards, we deliver products and services with global relevance and industry expertise. BRCGS is the trusted validation that strengthens Brand, Reputation through Compliance.” For more information please visit

About Colour Innovations Inc.

Colour Innovations Inc. is among the top awarded privately owned printers in Canada. Operations include packaging, direct mail, security printing, magazine publishing and full-service branding and design. Colour Innovations has also pioneered many innovative printing techniques in the Canadian market, including the introductions of a specialty metallic ink palette and stochastic FM screening. To learn more visit 

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Dennis Leggett, VP Sales 

(416) 917-6556

Colour Innovations can also meet your fulfillment and related needs including data processing, laser printing, list rental, ink-jetting, addressing, poly-wrapping, high-speed inserting, bursting, labelling, shrink wrapping, bulk mail preparation, pick & pack, warehousing/distribution including high security storage, and online ordering and customized software solutions.

Colour Innovations can help you with your pick & pack and fulfillment needs. Our pick & pack service is flexible for both large and small volume customers. Pick & pack services can be set-up for ongoing fulfillment or a one-time project. We also provide warehousing facilities as required.

We collect campaign metrics in real time. A dashboard view gives us access to business intelligence as it happens. We can automatically gather data about website visits, click-throughs, and any other customer interactions. As a complete solution, it enables us to create, produce, deploy, track and measure targeted campaigns across all channels – print, email and Web.

Magazine Publisher

Colour Innovations has produced many of Canada’s Premier Magazines and won many awards for the quality of print and reproduction. Our TM Stochastic screen enhances appeal by allowing us to show more detail and brilliance in each and every image. Consult with our expert pressmen and colour specialists and they will be more than happy to help you make your publications really stand out.

Food Production Facility

BRCGS certified, Colour Innovations can work with any food manufacturing facility’s needs to create the most effective, cost-efficient packaging solutions, while practicing best methods of product safety. Once a design is selected, we will create mock-ups for testing on the production floor under normal workflow conditions. With all the state-of-the-art tools you will ever need to make any new product stand out, we are here to help take your product from an idea right through to the shelf.


Not For Profit Charity

Colour Innovations will help you find NFP solutions that are both productive and cost effective in communicating to your target audience. Our work with charities proves the efficiency of Direct Mail and studies show personalized direct mail is retained in homes on an average of 17 days, providing extended opportunity to enhance your marketing efforts while building brand familiarity for your organization.


Security Print Consultant

Colour Innovations ensures complete confidence that your sensitive documents will be handled with the highest degree of security, protecting you and your business. We are one of the most secure print and fulfilment companies in Canada. No matter what type of organization you run, our team of security specialists will work with you to develop and implement solutions that best suit your needs and budget.


Security Print Specialist

Product security has become increasingly important for many companies, organizations, and institutions. With the visible growth in fraud and counterfeiting it is vital that new measures and techniques are built into products to tackle such threatening and damaging activities.

As well as specializing in running postage stamps for many counties around the world, we can be called upon to print and produce tax stamps, vouchers, coupons, certificates and visas, in addition to providing a safe and secure environment for hand assembly and fulfillment.


Office Supply Company

For many years we have worked with some of the largest office supply companies in Canada, we have worked on everything from Direct mail coupon offerings, to handling in store flyers and signing. Some products have been stored in our warehouse and distributed across Canada to retail outlets as they are needed or distributed seasonally within their network. Our focus is to help support retail leaders do what they do best, sell more products, by doing what we do best producing marketing products that stand out and catch your eye, and are delivered on time and on budget

Car company

Colour Innovations has produced some of the most dynamic brochures and catalogues for just about every automotive brand in the Canadian marketplace. The benefit of running these products with our TM Stochastics Screen and Metal FX processes is photographic images that react the same way car paint does in broad daylight. You get a look that has images jumping right off the page.

Our skilled pressmen and Colour Management Team can literally paint like artists with images that come from the press.

Retail Expert

Over the years, Colour Innovations has worked with some of Canada’s largest clothing and office supply retailers, producing everything from in-store signing, flyers, brochures, direct mail, annual catalogues, and private-brand packaging, as well as managing web site design and implementation. We have had some of our employees working on site within these organizations, managing and executing projects so the retailers could focus on what makes them successful, purchasing products that grow market share.